The Business App

We provide the mobility to stay productive outside the office. Break away from the desktop.

We Analysis The Data

We focus on precise and thorough execution, problem-solving, and total occupancy cost minimization.

Insight Specialist

We provide the numbers and thorough productivity programs for corporate and franchisee tenants – retailers, restaurants, financial institutions, government units, schools, non-profit organizations, and healthcare and other service providers – nationwide.

Market Research

Market Research Teams use this technology and “boots-on-ground” to identify and evaluate all “on-market” and “off-market” targets; The Business App Team provides fast, reasonable response to information to keep your projects on track.

Low-Cost Production

The Business App Production Team –responsible for the systematic investigation, design, entitlement, and construction of each project – focuses on precise and thorough execution, problem-solving, and total occupancy cost minimization.

About Us

Quick, Mobile, Forward Thinking. Everything you need is right in your pocket. An office on the go.

Who We Are

The Business App is an all encompassing full-service development firm. Our activities range from the renovation and re-lease of existing business products to the sale and developement of new products taylored for our clinet.

What We Do

We facilitate an efficient, defined process for reviewing productivity and of the purchases, addressing zoning and neighborhood considerations, and evaluating construction costs

Why Choose Us

We offer a thorough upfront attention to detail comprehensive plan that enables The Business App to deliver on projects that provide strong, predictable returns in a variety of business needs.

Our Team

These experts work around the clock to make sure our app is the best.


Jill Jacks

Sr. Developer of Stuff


John Jones

Sr. Developer of Other Stuff


Mike Peters

Head of Stuff

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