MPH Website Design

Creating a website for a client with the only caveats being it needs to be done fast and it needs to be mobile responsive.


MPH Solutions Website Design

Bootstrap to the rescue

When MPH approached me to design a website they were busy creating a lot of other things to get their business off the ground. They wanted someone who could design a one page website and do it quickly. I'm a yes man, which means that I rarely say no. It's hard for me to say no to anything because I like the adventure, whether that be good or bad. MPH, fortunately was a good client, but I still needed to crank out a website in about two weeks.

I decided to use bootstrap because a lot of the mobile responsive legwork has been done for you. Before I started with the wireframe they had laid out the groundwork of what sections they needed on the site. AND THEY HAD ALL THE COPY DONE! Which is so amazing because then you don't have to track it down and they wanted to move fast so it created no wait time.


The Final Result

I was able to code the website in a week using bootstrap. It allowed me to focus more on the design and layout of the site and worry less about the coding of it. Bootstrap has a set

The one page site featured a animated gif in the header right below the nav bar. It created quiet a striking visual appeal at first click. My hope is that it didn't take away from the feel of the site because it did create a longer load time. My intention was to create something different, that the user wouldn't expect.

Check it out: MPH Solutions Website